Why Does One Need Extra Wide Shoes?

The reason why shoe sizes were not properly standardised is a unique one. A few centuries ago, barleycorn was used as a unit of length for shoe sizes. One barleycorn was “almost” one-third of an inch. As a result, if three barleycorns were grouped together, they were just shy of an inch—thereby failing to make an exact one inch. And thus, began the dilemma of shoe standardisation.

In the UK, a men’s shoe which is size 11.5 might be around the same as a U.S. shoe: size 12—the lengths remain the same, it is the measurements techniques that differ.

Width of Shoes

As the shoe standardisation issues remain the same with the shoe lengths, the same issue is replicated for the shoes’ width. When teenagers grow, then expect feet growth—not only length-wise but also width-wise. Thus, along with the shoe length, one must also look to increase the shoe width.

How Can Extra Wide Shoes Help?

Depending upon one’s feet length, shoes are manufactured to flex at a number of places. This means that if one has a shoe that was supposed to be worn by a longer foot, then that shoe’s design cannot let it flex properly. Therefore, it is imperative that one must pick a shoe with the right length and width in order to flex their shoes at specific places so they can walk properly. This issue can be solved with the help of extra wide shoes for women.

The width of shoe represents the complete shoe depth. When narrow shoes are worn, it can have a negative impact on the bones and compress them—a phenomenon known as metatarsals. As a consequence, one can face a wide range of foot issues in the near future.

At times, genetics cause bunions. However, studies have highlighted that when extremely tight shoes are worn, they can trigger the development of corns due to high and frequent pressure on the human skin.

Other issues of narrow shoes include pain, particularly for those individuals who are already struggling with ingrown toenails, crossover toe, and hammertoe. Diabetics are recommended to be especially careful around narrow shoes or else they can risk getting sores—a slight oversight and they can potentially store down at a serious infection.

Therefore, while selecting shoes, one has to ensure that their foot is fully relaxed along with the right arch and toe length, accompanied by a suitable width for their forefoot. There are also those brands that increase the sole base width as an increase in width size provides improved support and stops rollover.

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