What You Should Know About Purchasing An Office Chair Cushion

What You Should Know About Purchasing An Office Chair Cushion

An office chair cushion is an accessory, a type of accessory that provides comfort and stability. An office chair can also be any chair cushion and the only reason why its called like that is that the market for these things are the people that are in the office. But you can pretty much use it whenever it requires you to sit longer.

Sure office chairs are padded but not as padded as your car seat and the funny thing is that you’re actually spending more time sitting on your office chair than your car seat. The reason why your car seat is good for long drives is that its well padded and it contours well to your body. Although office chairs features it’s not enough to keep you from getting sores all over due to prolonged sitting. Suggesting that office chairs should look like a car seat is not going to work and impossible The remedy? Seat cushions.

It should have a memory foam: There are various things that an office chair cushion manufacturer use. These are various types of foam from EVAS with various densities, gels to memory foam.

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  • EVA foams are more common, this is because there are various EVA foams with various density that manufacturers can use. But these things are actually not the perfect cushion for your back nor your buttocks. Softer ones tend to react faster to pressure but doesn’t have a localized comfort, it also doesn’t have a good homeostasis with the body since it gets hot.
  • Gels are a good cushion because it contours to the body easily, the problem is that it’s heavy and it absorbs core temperatures that are applied in it. Meaning if you’re hot, its also bound to be hot under and since it doesn’t have an exit point, heat will remain unless you applied direct cold into it.
  • Memory foams are the most ideal one since it can contour to the body’s shape, its core body temperature is friendly to the body and its able to dissipate heat. It provides support, stability and basically its a cushion that works really well.

It should be orthopedic friendly: There are cushions that are orthopedic friendly, what are these things? Basically, these are cushions that are shaped to contour where it should be placed. If it’s your back, it has to shape the way the ideal position of the back will be, if it’s your buttocks, it also has to be shaped or contoured based how the buttocks are shaped. By doing so will provide support and stability, helping with spinal alignment and prevent injuries in the long run.

Seat cushions answer the problem of office chairs not having enough padding for comfort, support, and stability. Although you can never get office chair makers to make office chairs that are as comfortable as car seats, you can make it comfortable for the long haul. If you plan to buy one, buy one that has a memory foam and orthopedic friendly. With those conditions alone, you can never go wrong.