What to Give to Guests at A Wedding?

A nice and beautiful tradition of giving gifts to guests at a wedding. Cute souvenirs are given as a token of gratitude for attending the celebration. In ancient times, these were cones or souvenirs made with your own hands. Today, these are usually wedding magnets or candy bars. Maintain traditions – give gifts to guests! After all, such wedding favours Singapore will make your wedding stand out, make it unique, and also support the overall stylistic concept.

Wedding Magnet

This type of gift for guests in the past few years has especially gained popularity among newlyweds. It can be either a wedding magnet with a photo of the newlyweds and the date of the wedding or with a cute bride and groom painted. You can also add words of gratitude to the guests.

Various Figures

Various figurines of hearts, angels, or doves with an engraved wedding date. Figures can be made of any material. The engraving is done with a laser on a special engraving machine. If you set yourself a goal, then you can pick up figures similar to the bride and groom, guests will definitely appreciate such a gift.

Scented Candles

Scented candles will remind of celebration with a pleasant scent. This is one of the simplest wedding favours in Singapore for the guests of the celebration. Therefore, if you are wondering what to present to guests at a wedding is as simple as possible, then this option is for you. The advantage of this choice will be that a candle is a useful souvenir, and will definitely come in handy on the farm. You can also wrap it nicely in wrapping paper or a bag.

Candy or Sweets

If you are still undecided on the answer to the question “What to give guests at a wedding?” then here’s another affordable and simple option. Various candies or sweets decorated in a wedding theme are perfect for these purposes. They can be wrapped in beautiful packaging or special stylish paper bags with the wedding date and the names of the newlyweds printed on them.

Photo T-shirt

A T-shirt with a photo and the date of the wedding of the young couple will be a cool present for every guest. The gift is very unusual and will definitely be remembered and stand out from the rest. You can also place words of gratitude and wishes from the bride and groom on the T-shirt. The T-shirt can be beautifully wrapped in wrapping paper or a gift bag.

Final Words

In fact, there can be an endless variety of gift options for your invited guests, everything is limited only by your ingenuity and imagination, you can always come up with something of your own exclusive and original.