Looking to lure people with your bright eyes? Love that thick eyelash like stars on screen? Check where you can find many such styling products. Before you make a purchase, have a basic understanding of the eyelash products and how they enhance your beauty.

Before applying any beauty product, it is better to have a product test like the manufacturers themselves say whether it suits your skin type, whether it has any side effects if it can be used whenever you wish for and many related questions. If you are a lover of those curvy eyelashes and believe that they enhance your beauty pay attention to the following details.

Eyelash extensions- what are these?

Eyelash extensions are the extensions used for your original eyelashes. It means they are false lashes inserted on the lash area to make them look large and beautiful. They help in beautifying the look of your eyes, thereby enhancing your overall facial look.


How do I apply them?

It is advised to apply them through a cosmetic procedure which is done by professional cosmetic experts. Lash extensions and false lashes differ in many ways. While fake lashes can be applied at home Lash extensions are used at salons by qualified faculty.

What advantages will I have with these?

  • Apart from giving a beautiful look, they also add a feel-good mood to your personality.
  • They look more natural, unlike the regular false eyelashes which are substantial.
  • A special glue that is used to apply them helps in the long-lasting stay. However, this glue can be inserted only by trained technicians.
  • Unlike the regular individual lashes and other lashes that you apply at home, they more life.

The life and duration of Extension lashes:

The longevity of Extension lashes typically depends on the maintenance of the user and the material they are made of. The very known Extension types are Milk lash extensions and silk lash extensions. Milk lash extensions are more natural looking and are the common ones used by salons and beauticians.

The average life span of Mink lashes is up to 4 weeks. Apart from proper maintenance of the product,  you have to ensure about the quality and the material.

Are they difficult to maintain?

It is not difficult to maintain Extension lashes. However, proper care has to be taken to make sure that they last longer and give you the desired look. Some caring routine that you need to follow for the same is:

Tangling makes eyelashes uneven and spoils the beauty. Hence comb your lashes daily with a comb.

It is essential for the glue to stick to the lashes well. So avoid contact with moisture for the first two days.

Cosmetics which have oil as a base might spoil the glue. Hence it is better to avoid their usage.

Do not rub or scrub lashes while bathing and washing face.

Go for products like the ones STACY LASH for professional care to your eyelashes. After all, eyes are the organs that show the colors of life.