perfect bag according to your body

How to choose the perfect bag according to your body?

The perfect bag will depend on your height and your body

It is not the same to use a shopper bag than a small one. Use a bag with a short handle than a very long one. Both the structure of your body and the height will determine the type of bag that will fit your best.

Big or small bag?

Before knowing how to choose the perfect bag for you on luxury e store you need to think about your lifestyle and how you use it. I explain. Do you always carry a bag? Do you need to put a lot of things in it? How often do you change bags?

Women carry everything in our handbag. Therefore, it is necessary that you consider what you really need to wear in it. It is more than proven that the bigger the bag is, the more things we put in it. Sounds like you, right?

How to know the size of the perfect bag?

It’s pretty easy to figure out the ideal size for your bag. All you have to do is writing down for a week all the things that are inside it and you have not used. For example; if you carry your agenda and in a week you realize that you have not used it even once, it means that you should not have it. Easy right?

What is the perfect bag according to your body structure?

Yes, when choosing your bag you need to think about how you are. And I’m not talking about the personal, but rather the physical. If you are more daring or less in terms of designs, we will talk about it another time.

You need to know what structure your body has in order to tell you which bag is best for you. If you are a girl with curves, volume, chest… That is, you have a rounded body, I advise you to use the most rigid and rectangular ysl ladies bags. Why? Because it will contrast the effect that the bag generates with the structure of your body.

choosing a bag

Tips for choosing a bag based on your height

Ok, you already know the type of bag you should use depending on your volume or structure, but height will also influence when choosing a bag, right?

First I am going to specify who is considered a tall and short person.

  • Low: 1.65 m down.
  • High: from 1.7Om upwards.

People between 1.65m and 1.70m are in luck because they can do basically whatever they want. On the other hand, if you are a short woman and you wear a very large bag, the only thing you are going to achieve is to shorten your height. My recommendation is that you use a medium or small bag. Do you want a trick to look taller? Choose your bag in such a way that it never goes over your hip.

If, on the other hand, you are very tall, it is better not to use bags with very long handles because it will give the feeling of being even taller.

But what about short bags that go under the armpit?

Women who have a lot of breasts should be careful when using these types of ysl ladies bags. Since it can give the feeling that they have “three breasts” instead of two.

As I have already told you on more than one occasion, remember that you must always, always avoid that your bag is at the same height as your most voluminous area.

How to carry the bag properly?

The best shape is in the hand or the elbow. Yes, I know that they are not the two most comfortable positions, but they are the most recommended.

Don’t cross your bag! You always tell me the same thing: “I wear it like this to avoid being robbed.” But it is a bad solution because aesthetically it does not look good. The effect it generates is that you have one chest higher than another.

If you have a lot of hips I do not advise you to cross your bag at all. Because that will make it seem like you have more.