Explain the qualities of a good fashion designer

When somebody chooses apparel it becomes his/ her style and when it is adopted by a group of people it becomes a fashion.  We can say fashion is something related to a particular dressing or style accepted by a large number of people that changes with time. It is not necessary to always have something new in this area. Many traditional dresses are also introduced to new ideas. In Korea, their traditional dress named hanbok has a special place in apparel. They are designed for all women, men, and children. The designers worked on this outfit and have designed it in many ways. We can say it is a kind of fusion between traditional and modern apparel. The fashion designers worked to create new ideas on regular outfits. They work hard to give people a new style or fashion. They worked on the outfits that suit different body shapes. A fashion designer work to develop not only the outfits also footwear and accessories. They can create trends, form outlines, choosing colors, the fabric of the outfit, their prints, stitching, etc. Duties of fashion designers include many jobs.

  • They work on creating new design concepts.
  • They regularly search for the latest fashion trends and also work more trending colors, fabrics, and designs.
  • They analyze the latest designs with a technical point of view which in turn gives then information for the production and developing specifications.
  • They accept the current designs for production on a large scale.
  • They work to develop a team and connect buyers with themselves.
  • They work to interact with sale persons to know about the current situation of the fashion field.

For a good fashion designer it is necessary to develop a few skills that can help them becoming famous among people:

  • Confident: They must be so much confidence in their work so that people get attracted to their work and they can provide new fashion designs. They should be prepared for both success and failure. Sometimes it happens that you like some design but other people do not get attracted to it. In that case, your hard work goes into rejection.
  • Creative: Fashion designing work based on one’s creativity. How much a designer is creative by nature can produce more designs.
  • 3D design: They must be aware of 3D design that helps them in reducing time for making new designs.
  • Visual skills: For every designer, they must have visual skills so that they can conc=vert their ideas into reality.
  • Digital sketching: The sketching on the computer compare to the paper is much easier and it takes less time.