The beauty industry is booming thanks to social media influencers. Makeup enthusiasts are now more aware about beauty products than ever before. With various makeup powders available in the market, it is crucial to know the specific use of each one. A beginner in the world of makeup is always prone to makeup blunders.

There are several bases for the categories of makeup powders. Most get categorized by formula or packaging, others by color, and some by usage.


This makeup powder has a loose formula, hence the name. You apply this with a powder brush or a damp sponge. It is often used as a setting powder for a luminous glow. It is very light and will not cause the makeup to be cakey. This powder is not ideal for touch-ups since bringing it in your pouch can be messy.


Compact powders come in pressed formula. You use a makeup sponge to apply this. Like loose powder, it is also good for setting makeup. You can also use this to add some coverage and mattify the skin. There are more shades available for pressed powders than loose powders. If you want a natural finish, go for pressed powder. It is best for quick touch-ups since you can carry it around with ease.


Loose and pressed powders can both come in tinted forms. You can match your skin shade with a tinted powder for more coverage. It can also help you balance out the flaw if you used a wrong shade of foundation. You can get a heavier feeling since it adds several layers.


Again, both loose and pressed powders can be translucent. It looks white when not used but is almost invisible on the face. It does not add any color at all. You have to blend the powder well so it will not look like a white cast.

Color corrector

It corrects the color of the face like color correcting creams. It neutralizes any redness, yellowness, dark blemishes, or dullness. You can use green color correcting powder if you have red scars on your face.

Finishing powder

This one acts like a finishing spray that you need to apply to complete the look of your makeup. It helps the makeup stay in place and hides fine lines or wrinkles. You dust it using a blending brush.

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