What You Need to Know about Zippers by the Yard

Unlike most zippers that are available in craft and fabric sores, zippers by the yard are those that are sold by the yard, as the name suggests. Using zippers by the yard properly comes with a learning curve but they are quite flexible. The best thing about zippers by the yard is they are also cost efficient.

Here are a few questions about zippers by the yard:

Where Can You Shop for Zippers by the Yard?

There are many zipper suppliers today that offer zippers by the yard. They offer hundreds of colors of zipper tapes to choose from and different coil colors are also available including gold, silver, rose gold, rainbow, bronze, gunmetal, or regular coil. There are various pull styles as well to suit every preference and need. You can even match your favorite cork or fabrics.

How Do You Prevent Raveling?

You can use a lighter for burning the zipper tape’s edges just like polyester webbing.

Will You Need Special Tools to Cut Zippers by the Yard?

Special tools are not required to cut zippers by the yard to the specific size you will need. Just make sure you have seam allowance using regular scissors.

Can You Make Zippers by the Yard Separating?

It is better if you use a readymade separating zipper since it has a better finishing. However, if you like, open zipper ends can be used to make separating zippers.

Is It Possible to Make Two-Way Zippers?

Zippers by the yard are two-way so making head to head zippers is possible.

Will You Need Zipper Stops?

Zipper stops are not necessary for nylon zipper tapes. You could sew over the tape and metal zipper ends or zipper tabs can be used depending on what you plan to sew. If you are using metal zipper tape, it is recommended to use zipper stops.

Can You Use Zippers by the Yard for Clothes or Garments?

Yes, zippers by the yard can be used for clothes or garments. However, if the zipper holds a skirt or a dress, locking pulls should be used.