Branded Vs Non-Branded Jeans What Is The Difference

Branded Vs Non-Branded Jeans: What Is The Difference?

A pair of Jeans is a must for everyone; in fact, everyone has more than one pair as this is worn by men and women. And these are all-purpose and goes well with every tee and top of yours. So are you looking for designer jeans for women then you should go for these points while buying a pair of jeans for you?

Some people buy brands like Levis which costs hundreds of dollars. Whereas some people buy a Quality non-branded pair from a nearby store for about a few bucks/-. They say Branded jeans are not worth the premium. What do you say about it?

This discussion is about Branded Jeans Vs Non-Branded Jeans. So I have curated a few points to understand which jeans are better: whether branded or non-branded one.


Branded jeans are quite expensive as they wear a brand name making its price too high for all. Here you are paying directly for the brand name of which you have purchased these jeans.


Of course, the quality matters a lot to you and the branded jeans are of really good quality making them last longer even for many coming years for you. Whereas non-branded jeans are not comparably of such good quality.


The lifetime of non-branded jeans is very short as that lose quality too early and branded jeans have a really good life span.

Better Fabric

Branded jeans fabric are of soothing quality and not tough to wear whereas non branded jeans sometimes have a really bad fabric making it non-wearable soon for the person who bought it.

The finish of the Jeans

Yes, this matters a lot to a few people as branded jeans have a really good finish to wear as compared to the non branded jeans.

Good & Comfortable Jeans

Yes, of course. The comfortable level of jeans matters a lot because if your jeans are not a good fit for you then it will keep you uncomfortable for the whole day which is not a good thing. In a survey carried out, the ladies find branded jeans more comfortable rather than non-branded jeans.

Material and Standard of Jeans Making

Branded jeans are of good fabric and sometimes they are 100% handmade which makes it more expensive as it takes more labour cost and days to finish jeans.

After going through this article, now you know which is best for you as per the different purchasing and your jeans comfort ability factors. So now you know which one suits you the best out of all.