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A Fascinating Story About One of the World’s Most Expensive Watch-Maker

Every famous luxury wrist watch brand has a fascinating story of it’s own. It could be about their origin, or contributed to, by one it the Brand’s watch users. However it may be, each such stories have always added up in raising the wrist watch’s brand value. Time is precious and so is the equipment that captures and portrays each of it’s movement. There are several who have longed to own something truly remarkable; a wrist watch, with their hard earned savings which define their class. And most of the luxury watch-makers have some of the renowned celebrities owning delicate timepieces created by these luxury watch-makers. The watch-maker, whose fascinating story yet to be told here is about Richard Mille. Since the Brand’s origin, Richard Mille Watches have truly enjoyed on a remarkable journey in being one of those brands that make the most expensive watches.

The brand was created by an individual named Richard Mille in 1999. Their watch model, the RM 008, which is widely renowned as the one of the most advanced watches in the world, has it’s price range starting from 500,000 Euros. The fascinating story about this brand was created by the world famous tennis player, RafaelNadal. The world famous athlete is no stranger to the world of luxury watch-makers. He owns three watches from the brand Richard Mille. Then, what is so fascinating about Nadal owning a Richard Mille watch? Let us check out the story below.


Celebrities often do a lot many things. They own several cars, buildings, etc. Our star, Rafael Nadal here bought a RM 27 – 02 which is to be his on-court wrist watch. The watch costs more than three quarters of a million. Rafael Nadal upgraded his Richard Mille wrist watch to the RM 27 – 02 for 775,000 dollars. The brand will be made only fifty of those watches. So Nadal is probably the first proud owner of this luxury wrist watch.

One of the most impressive features of the RM 27 – 02, Richard Mille Watches are that they are very light in weight. They only weigh 20 grams with a highly durable construction which enables it to withstand up to 5,000 Gs of force! Truly impressive, is it not!

Owning three watches of the same luxury brand of watch makers, we can surely say that Nadal has chosen it to make his style statement. Like Nadal, most people who buy precious pieces of timepieces from such brands, buy them to define their style statement. To someone who wishes to set a class, owning a watch is a milestone to be achieved; a passionate dream come true. Do you have yours?